Hobby Electric,LLC - Located in  Upstate, South Carolina - Licensed in SC, NC, GA - Fully Insured, Workers Comp. - Female Owned Business

Jamie Hobby - Owner / David Hobby - President / Phillip Holmes - Project Manager


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Other types of experience include: Healthcare, Lightning Protection, Generators, Surveyor Systems, and much more!


Thank you for visiting our website. Hobby Electric is a family owned and operated electrical contractor faithfully serving a tri-state area of SC, NC, and GA. We have 40 plus combined experience years and are able to serve all of your commercial and residential needs.

>We have a working safety program in which all employees are involved!

>Full support of a premier Electrical Engineer!


>We have a commitment to environmental awareness!

If Hobby Electric can't make it happen.............and make it happen right.............it's not going to happen.


Quality work is never an accident, it's always the result of skillful execution!